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What are Wellness Offerings?

Wellness Offerings are services provided for self-improvement but are not considered therapy. What is unique about these wellness offerings is that although they are not therapeutic services, they are led and created by Victoria Valdez, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist specializing in providing mental health services for children, teens, parents, and adult women. You get the knowledge and expertise of a mental health professional. Think self-help but in the form of supportive groups, self-help educational webinars, and more.  

Current Wellness Offerings:

Ignite Your Confidence Women's Group 


The Ignite Your Confidence (IYC) Women’s Group is for Women who want to: 

Shift their unhelpful, unwanted thoughts and beliefs about themselves to healthy, self-loving ones. IYC is for women who want to learn to break away from self-doubt and live in boldness. It’s for women who are tired of living day by day trying to please others. For women who want to adopt the “I don’t give a fuck about what you think of me, I will succeed, I am powerful and Beautiful” mindset.


IYC is a 6-week virtual skill-building support group that includes weekly meetings, space to share confidence struggles, strategies for improving your post-meeting confidence strategies, and in-meeting body-brain connection activities to shift negative thoughts.

Starts: August 9th, 2023
Ends: September 13th, 2023
Weekly Meeting Times: Wednesdays 11:30 am to 1:00 pm Central Time| Google Meets
Investment: $210 for the 6 weeks

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