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"You are not your illness [not your anxiety, depression, trauma, insecurities or __fill in the blank______]. You have an individual story to tell. You have a name, a history, and a personality. [Finding yourself, reinventing yourself, and] staying yourself is part of the battle." — Julian Seifter. Brackets Italics are added words by Victoria Valdez.

Adulthood is a paradox in itself. As children, we long to hurry up and grow up to be able to walk in "freedom." Then, as adults, we struggle to discover who we are, try to make sense of the world around us, and still desire to be seen, heard, loved, and given attention and affection. We still need guidance, teaching, and mentorship from those who have gone before us and those who know more than us. And that is totally and unapologetically ok. We don't have to have it all figured out, and we don't have to go through anything alone. And yes, as adults, we still deserve to be loved, deserved to be enjoyed, cherished, and given attention, and that does not have to be earned. 

Here at TSC, our counseling team is ready and equipped to walk alongside you and support you in your journey of growth, development, ignition of self-love and exploration, healing, and self-discovery. We are trained to help guide you through your commitment to transformation to a new life worth living. Our counseling team is compassionate, culturally sensitive, and dedicated to providing you with help. 
Our counseling team has a variation of specialized training to treat the following issues:




Trauma & PTSD


Sexuality & Intimacy Exploration

Confidence & Self-Esteem

Racial Identity and or Trauma Work

And More

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Although each of our therapists has unique individualized, evidence-based, and holistic treatment approaches in how they provide therapy in session, here is what you can expect regarding counseling support and treatment.

First Session
The first session is a 90-minute intake with you and your therapist. During this session, your therapist and you will take a deep dive into what the goals are for treatment, explore what your current struggles are, and complete a biopsychosocial emotional assessment. This is a conversational therapeutic style clinical interview assessment of the following categories: biological, psychological, social, emotional, and the use of clinical diagnostic tools. This also includes the use of the subsequent evaluations: Anxiety, Depression, and Trauma. Your therapist may use other assessments and diagnostic tools based on their therapeutic judgment and your request. 

Second Session
The second session involves your therapist letting you know your assessment results and collaborating to create your road map to your healing and transformation. This is also where your therapist will start using their therapy skills to work with you on achieving your goals. 

Continued Sessions & Consistency
Consistency is important! What we know from research is that individuals, on average, require "15 to 20 sessions" for 50 percent of patients to recover…" from their mental struggles. Research also tells us, "There are a growing number of specific psychological treatments of moderate duration (e.g., 12 to 16 weekly sessions) that have been scientifically shown to result in clinically significant improvements." []

Based on our love of research, our counseling support starts with the end in mind. Our counseling support is structured to start you off at a weekly session until you and your therapist have collaboratively reviewed progress and goal completion and concluded it is time for a final session send-off. This means your therapist will check in with you frequently on goal completion and progress. In a final session, you and your therapist review how far you celebrate your wins and transformation one last time and tell you see you later. Remember, the door is always open if you need therapy again because life happens. 

The Right Fit 
We understand that our style of counseling may only be for some. That is ok. You can still reach out to us if you need a referral. We are happy to help you with your search. You can still complete our Mental Health & Wellness Interest Form and request a referral. 

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