Our Story

Tri-Synergy Counseling (TSC) was founded in June 2022 by Victoria Valdez, the founder and operational director of TSC. 

Victoria opened her solo private practice in August 2018 as Victoria Valdez Child & Family Counseling Services. This was the first step in achieving her dream of providing a group counseling practice that acknowledges and addresses people's needs from a whole-person approach: mind, body, and soul. 

The concept of TSC was developed from a deep desire to create a counseling group that would provide care to individuals through a lens that acknowledges the deep, multifaceted, and beautiful complex layers of mind, body, and soul. 

Mind: “…cognitive activities and functions, such as perceiving, attending, thinking, problem-solving, language, learning, and memory….”
Body: “...the entire physical structure of an organism, such as the human body...”
Soul: meaning “…the deepest center of a person’s identity and the seat of his or her most important moral, emotional, and aesthetic [spiritual] experiences...”.


“We are all uniquely interwoven within our many diverse systems. Our family systems, social systems, community systems, spiritual systems, government systems, and world systems. Our interconnectedness, or lack of connections, directly and indirectly affects our daily lives. They affect our mind, body, and soul experiences and formations. Even our bodies live and breathe through diverse, interconnected systems. It is why I hope for restoration and healing to be experienced by each individual's mind, body, and soul. This is the heart of TSC. ”                                                        -Victoria Valdez, LMFT. 

When Victoria is not in her operational director and therapist role, she enjoys spending time with her husband and three children. Victoria enjoys hiking, camping, Latin dance, and cultural community events. 

TSC Mission:
Tri-Synergy Counseling (TSC) is committed to delivering life-changing, generational transforming, culturally sensitive, quality, evidence-based mental health services to Tennessee's children, teens, and families. It is where the mind, body, and soul meet for healing. 

Affordable Counseling: 
TSC is committed to providing affordable mental health counseling services by forming community agency partnerships,  securing donations to supply the TSC Community Counseling Fund| Bridging the Mental Health Counseling Gap, reserving counseling spots for reduced fee counseling, and reserving spots for access to free counseling. 

TSC provides L.E.N.S Neurofeedback treatments, child, teen, and family counseling services, parenting services, wellness offerings, and immigration evaluations, in addition to mental health services. 

Mental Health counseling services are provided for children, teensadult women, and adult men living in TN. TSC treatment specializations include but are not limited to anxiety, trauma, PTSD, grief, ADHD.  

LENS Neurofeedback is a specific kind of Electroencephalogram (EEG) that works more rapidly than traditional neurofeedback and can break down neural gridlock, a build-up in the brain caused by emotional trauma and stress.

Parenting services are for those who wish to learn to parent from an evidence-based, nonviolent, developmentally led, positive parenting method. Parenting services include but are not limited to parent coaching, parenting educational workshops, and webinars. 

Wellness offerings are services provided for self-improvement but are not considered therapy. What is unique about these wellness offerings is that although they are not therapeutic services, they are led by trained therapists. They are self-help in nature but in the form of supportive groups, wellness-themed educational webinars, and more.  

Immigration Evaluations are in-depth psychological evaluations and reports used to determine whether individuals can remain lawfully in the United States.
Please visit our Meet The Team page to learn about TSC's valuable staff and treatment team.

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