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Victoria is a Masters of Marriage and Family Therapy with over 13 years of experience working with children (4-18), families, and parents in a variety of settings (children in foster care, children in group homes, reunifications of parents and children, in-home counseling, in school counseling, Parents as Teacher home facilitator and more). In addition to her education, work experience, and extensive training, she is a mother of 3. She is passionate about helping parents gain back some of their sanity, joy, and peace in parenting. 

Parent Coaching with Victoria includes but is not limited to the following:

  • A parenting style assessment using the AAPI-2. The assessment allows a parent(s) a better understanding of how their style influences their child's behavior and development.
  • A collaborative, customized parenting plans to prompt a change of behavior
  • Collaborative goal setting
  • Education on your child's development 
  •  Consistent judgment-free parenting support
  • Problem Solving for challenging behaviors
  • and more

What kind of parents benefit from parent coaching?
Parents who are highly motivated, eager to learn, and willing to endure the trials of the change process would benefit most. Parents with a growth mindset and high desire to achieve a healthier relationship with their children and help their children thrive. 

Individual Coaching Sessions consisting of 60 minutes: $200
This fee includes the initial meeting that lasts 90 minutes.

Individual Coaching Session Consisting of 30 minutes: $100


Package 1: 6 Parent Coaching Sessions over 6-weeks:  $1050 / this is a $150 discounted package

This package includes:

  • 90-minute initial coaching meeting with AAPI-2 Assessment
  • Five 60 minute meetings over 5-weeks
  • One “Support Email” a week
  • One 10 minute “Support Call” a week

Package 2: 12 Coaching Sessions over 12 weeks:  $2,200 / this is a $200 discounted package

This package includes:

  • 90-minute initial coaching meeting with AAPI-2 assessment
  • Eleven 60 minute meetings over 5-weeks
  • Two “Support Emails” a week
  • Two 10 minute “Support Calls” a week

parenting book club

Parent Book Club


I’m Victoria, a licensed marriage and family therapist. I specialize in helping children & teens better manage anxiety, heal from trauma, process grief, and more. I'm also a parent coach and Parents as Teachers certified Parent Educator. As a counselor, I help parents navigate parenting while their children are in distress. As a parent coach and educator, I help parents learn how to parent from a developmental perspective and parent from the inside out.  I’m located in Brentwood, TN. 

As a parent of three myself, I understand firsthand the joys, challenges, and stresses of parenthood. I remember humble beginnings not knowing how to parent and relying heavily on my upbringing (which was not always the best parenting), and stumbling painfully along the way. Now, my profession, education, and passion to fine-tune my parenting skills has improved my relationship with my children. Nowadays, I experience the joys of parenting more often than not. That being said, you're officially invited to Not Your Average Parent Book Club.

This is a book club designed for parents who are eager and interested to learn new parenting techniques, new perspectives and hungry for support and change. This parenting book club will be held virtually for 5 weeks at a time with a 3 week break in between new book selections. 

Not interested in Parent Management therapy? Not sure about parent coaching but still eager to learn? Then this book club is for you!

What is so special about this book club?

  • The book club is facilitated by a licensed marriage and family therapist and who specializes in treating children and teens.
  • The book club facilitator is a parent coach.
  • 30 minutes are dedicated to sharing collectively by the group members what we learned from our reading and how we are implementing action steps to improve our parenting. 
  • 20 minutes of time is reserved for Q&A for parenting questions answered by the parent coach


  • Your dedicated time 1 time a week for 50 minutes
  • Personal purchase or rental of the book selected
  • Donation: Although not mandatory, any donation of your choice is appreciated (all donations supports the cost of therapy for children who families can not afford tradition therapy rates for their child). 


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Parenting Services (En Espanol)

Victoria tiene una maestria en terapia para familia y matrimonio y tiene mas de 13 años de experiencia trabajando con niños (4-18), familias y padres en una variedad de escenaris (niños en cuidado adoptivo, niños en casas grupales, reunificación de padres e hijos, terapias en casa, terapias en la escuela, padres actuando como profesores en casa y mas). Adicionalmente, su pasión es ayudar a los padres a recobrar su cordura, alegría y paz siendo padres. 

La orientación para Padres con Victoria incluye pero no esta limitada a: 

  • Una evaluación de su estilo de crianza usando  AAPI-2. La evaluación le permite a el(los) padres a tener un mejor entendimiento de como su estilo tiene influencia en el comportamiento y desarrollo de su hijo(a).
  • Planes personalizados y colaborativos para promover un cambio en comportamiento.
  • Establecimiento de metas colaborativo.
  • Educación sobre el desarrollo de su hijo(a).
  • Apoyo consistente y libre de juicios sobre crianza.
  • Solución de problemas para comportamiento desafiante.
  • mas

Que tipo de crianza se beneficia de la Orientación para Padres

Los padres que se sienten muy motivados, deseosos de aprender, y que estan dispuestos a sobrellevar las pruebas del proceso de cambio serian los mas beneficiados. Los padres que tienen una mentalidad de cambio y mucho deseo de lograr una relación mas sana con sus hijos(as) y ayudarles a triunfar.

Sesiones individuales de orientación de 60 minutos: $200

Este precio incluye la reunión inicial de 90 minutos.

Sesiones individuales de 30 minutos: $100


Paquete 1: 6 sesiones de orientación para padres en un lapso de 6 semanas : $1050 / esto es un paquete con $150 de descuento.

Este paquete incluye:

Reunión inicial de orientación de 90 minutos con la evaluación AAPI-2

5 reuniones de 60 minutos en un lapso de 5 semanas

Un “Correo de Apoyo” a la semana.

Una “Llamada de Apoyo”  a la semana.

Paquete 2: 12 sesiones de orientación en un lapso de 12 semanas: $2,200 / esto es un paquete co $200 de descuento

Package 2: 12 Coaching Sessions over 12 weeks:  $2,200 / this is a $200 discounted package

El paquete incluye:

Reunión inicial de orientación de 90 minutos con la evaluación AAPI-2

Once  reuniones de 60 minutos en un lapso de 5 semanas

Dos “Correos de Apoyo” a la semana.

Dos “Llamadas de Apoyo”  a la semana.

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