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Mental Health Services 

Initial Intake: Fee: $550
This service consists of an 90 minute time frame to complete the following: intake biosocialpsycho assessment interview, establish a treatment plan and provide strategies. Post-intake the clinician will complete evaluations. 

Individual Counseling Session (In person & Telehealth) Fee $275:
This service includes a 45 minute counseling session. This service includes individual sessions for children, adolescents, and adults.

Parent Only Session (Parent Consult with ): Fee $275
This service is 45 minutes. This services is parent of treatment when working with children and teens.

Family Therapy Session: Fee: $550
This service is 90 minutes. This is for when there is more than two family members present.

Video Counseling Session: Fee: $275 
This service includes a 45 minute session. This service includes individual sessions for adults, teens, children 5 years of age and older, and parenting sessions. Note: There are some issues that are not suitable for telehealth counseling. 

Free Phone Consultation: FREE
This service allows you to briefly explain your reason for seeking counseling services and ask any questions. During this time, I will assess whether my training and counseling experience is suitable for your counseling needs. This consultation time allows me to provide you with a referral if needed. During this consultation, we will discuss session fees, location, and schedule future appointments.

This clinician does not accept insurance at this time. However you may request a Superbill from the clinician and turn it into your insurance company to receive a portion of the therapy session fee reimbursed. 

What is a Superbill?:
"A superbill is a detailed document that allows clients to bill their insurance company directly. It includes information similar to an insurance claim form, such as the date of the service provided, procedure codes and a total balance due." (icanotes.com)  

Once you receive your  superbill, you can submit it to your insurance company. Submitting a superbill to your insurance company is not a guarantee that you will provided reimbursement of the full fee. This LINK provides recommendations on how to submit your superbill to your insurance provider. Please keep in mind your insurance company may have specific instructions on how to submit your superbill.

Sliding Scale:
Per request, a sliding scale fee is offered that ranges from $135.00 per session to $250. This sliding scale is based on gross annual household income. Followed by signing a financial agreement as part of the intake process to determine your sliding scale fee. The sliding scale has a limited number of slots and therefore there may not be slots available at the time of your request. Individuals who qualify for the sliding scale rate will have a limited number of sessions. 

Household or annual income of $100,000 to $150,000: $135 - $175
Household or annual income of $151,000 to $200,000: $176 - $276

Clients will be given 8 sessions at this sliding scale rate. This includes intake sessions and parent consultations. Once 8 sessions are completed we can review whether you would like to continue services at the non-sliding scale rate or would like a referral at that time.

Other Options:
A great recourse is Open Path which has a network of therapist who offer sliding scales ranges from  $30 to $80.

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